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Founded by Dustin Welch in 2011 in Austin, Texas 

Soldier Songs and Voices is now a nationwide program, with thirteen chapters operating throughout the USA. Dustin saw an opportunity for the program to work in Australia and through the support and backing of People First Charitable Trust, launched Soldier Songs and Voices Australia in March 2016.


While music has long been believed to have therapeutic power, 20th century advances in neuroscience allowed researchers to map the effects of music on the brain (link to article)


We are contributing to the growing body of research that indicates music is not a supplement to therapy, but is in itself a proven method to retrain and re-educate the brain.




   Are you curious about learning an instrument or participating in our free music workshops?

                                                                            We're here for you.


              Interested in starting a Soldier Songs and Voices program in your community? 

                                                                               We can help.

                           Looking to make an investment in veterans and their communities?

                                                                              Make a donation.

Dustin Welch 
President and Founder

A Nashville native, Dustin grew up surrounded by writers, singers, pickers, and artists of all kinds. At an early age, he was exposed to the literary value of song form, and formed his own unique style of storytelling. Appalachian grooves and melodies coupled with lyrics, strange and beautiful.  He encountered solid recognition for his talent and hard driving music and lyrical style for his first two solo records Whisky Priest and Tijuana Bible, putting him into the upper realm of Austin rockers.

"It's a little bit strong, a little bit unhinged, a little bit scary at times. He seems to be weaving together elements of various mythological traditions, pulling good old-fashioned Texas songwriting with some underworld imagery....This guy seems to be a very fully realized songwriter. He's not working anything out here. It sounds like he showed up knowing just what to do, and you better get out of the way so he can do it."

Kim Ruehl, No Depression

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