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Soldier Songs & Voices would sincerely like to thank the estate of Richard Smith for their generous bequeathal in his memory. On August 27th, 2020 he succumbed to complications from the Covid-19 virus. To read Richard's full bio or to donate in his memory to SSV, click the link below or his pictures.

         Link to bio and donation

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In loving memory of Richard Smith (December 20, 1950-August 27th, 2020)

Soldier Songs and Voices is a non-profit organization that provides instruments and songwriting lessons free of charge to armed forces veterans as a form of post-conflict care.

We typically meet in music venues weekly or bi-monthly, in sessions led by professional musicians. The act of learning an instrument and the art of songwriting have been proven to rebuild damaged synaptic pathways from traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress. 

We are committed to providing veterans with tools to turn their stories into songs so that their voices can be heard.

COVID-19 Update 

Soldier Songs and Voices chapters nationwide

are invited to join our weekly Zoom meeting held

every Monday from 5-7pm.

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Meeting ID: 253 397 487 
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